Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blankets from mom....

I asked my daughter to take pictures of the afghans I've made for her over the years.

This first one is a basic granny square.  I made it for her during her sophomore year in high school and made it with her school colors.

And this next one is just a basic knit made from Red Heart Baby Cloud.  I actually made a smaller version of this for the baby of a friend.  My daughter liked the yarn so much I made her a bigger one.  I believe I made it her senior year of high school.  Blue is her favorite color.

I now finally have pictures!  Now to get some pictures of the afghans I crocheted for my son.

Happy stitching....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's been a while.....

I just discovered the other day that a friend and colleague of mine has taken up crochet.  And she has been incredibly prolific in the past month or so....several caps, scarves, and shawls.  And she is really good about taking pictures.  After giving me a slide show of her goodies, she asked to see my pictures.  Pictures?  What?  I realized that most of the items that I knit, crochet, quilt or cross-stitch are usually given away and I don't always take pictures.  When I started crafting digital cameras didn't exist (and I'm only 43 years old!). 

My daughter has several items that I've knitted, crocheted and quilted for her so I asked her to take some pictures of the items for me.  I've also reached out to my ex-husband, who has a couple of lap sized quilts that I made years ago, to take pictures of them as well.

I'm making a New Year's resolution early.....take pictures of the items I'm working on and take pictures of the items when they are done.  And it wouldn't hurt to take pictures of them with their recipients, too.  This has to be easier than a New Year's resolution of losing weight!!!!!

The title of this blog really has to do with the fact that it has been months and months since I posted an entry.  Life has been a tad crazy around this house and around work.  However, thanks to the prodding of my friend, I'm going to be a bit better about posting what I'm working on and <gasp> include pictures.

Happy stitchin y'all!