Monday, January 9, 2012

Three quilts done already this year!

I gave up the search for the lost SD card and simply bought another one -- usually when I stop looking for something is when I find it :-).  Let's hope that happens.

My goal for this year (as in many years past) is to get through my stash of UFO's.  I'm making pretty good progress so far this year!

The first quilt to be finished this year is a breast cancer awareness quilt.  The background fabric has pink ribbons on it.  The solid pink is a Fairy Frost fabric.  I purchased both of these fabrics at the quilt store when on a mission for a totally different quilt.  Both fabrics were half yard pieces that were end of bolt and displayed nicely by the register.  So it isn't just the grocery stores that cater to our impulse buying.

The next quilt to be finished is one that I posted here last year.  It is a paper pieced wreath pattern by MH Designs.  I also did this one using only Fairy Frost fabrics (no, I'm not really obsessed with Fairy Frost --- any more).  This quilt used to scare me.  It is really so beautiful I didn't want to quilt it for fear of messing it up.  I finally took a deep breath and just did it.  It didn't turn out too bad.

The last little quilt is also a paper pieced pattern by MH Designs.  Tulips are my favorite flower and now I can see them every single day and gaze upon then whilst creating new quilts.

And last of all, a picture of my clean(ish) sewing area.  I did a lot of dusting!

The quilt on the left hand side was a present from a dear friend.  She brought it back from her hometown in India.  I absolutely love it!

The big question now is.....which UFO do I tackle next?  Or do I work on one of my knitting UFOs?  Decisions, decisions.


Lost Christmas photos.......

Well, my blondeness strikes again!!  I have misplaced the SD card from my camera that had all the photos of the items I made for xmas presents this year.  I hadn't posted any of the photos in case the recipients should happen to read my blog.  Sad, very sad.....guess I'll have to see if the recipients will take some photos for me.